2014+ Lexus IS 250/350 RWD

J5-JS-Lexus IS Front.jpg
J5-JS-Lexus IS rear mount.jpg
J5-JS-Lexus IS Front.jpg
J5-JS-Lexus IS rear mount.jpg

2014+ Lexus IS 250/350 RWD


J5 suspension Type-JS

Part# J5-JS-3LIS-R


Maximum Adjustment Ranges:

Front (-0.5 inch to - 3.5 inch)

Rear  (-0.5 inch to -3 inch)

J5 suspension - JS type     

(Realization of perfect street performance)

Product for expert drivers, utilizing AL 7075 for maximum strength and weight reduction, J5’s patented Suspension shock absober - double wishbone type & mcpherson strut type precise damping force adjusting technology. and Application of J5’s special made aluminum alloy allows less weighted damper, and the best viscosity of the shock observer oil.

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12 stage damping force adjusting (Patented Precise damping force adjusting technology).

Street, winding and circuit driving is possible. Adaptation of easy dial method.  Alteration of each stage can surely be experienced, and easy to adjust the setting to fit the driver.


Forged Aluminum braket and mount AL7075

Basically equipped racing exclusive pillow ball guarantees stable handling, and camber adjust is possible. Adaptated global pillow ball manufacturer’s product which leads you to experience the best quality and condition.


Cold Spring

Only J5’s unique cold spring with high frequency heat treatment which allows to maintain stability by lowered ground clearance and center of gravity, and also to maintain the ride comfort.


MONO TUBE GAS Shock observer. (Central Cylinder Type) 

Use of a large caliber pistonØ40 and précised honing works with result of luxurious ride comfort, stable steering wheel manipulability, and ability to keep the shock observability even during high speed driving and/or rough road. High heat resistance by central cylinder and 100% German oil avoids aeration and cavitation to maintain constant damping force. And addition of précised honing work inside the cylinder restrains abrasion of the piston and secures outstanding durability and stability.

Special Aluminum alloy cylinder (Maximized wear resistance by special anodizing treatment).

Use of AL7075 material resulted less weight damper and higher heat resistance of the oil, and product durability is extremely increased compare to other companies.


Height Adjustable

By using the Hub bracket, ideal height adjustment is realized even without helper spring, and helps high driving stability and comfortability under valid stroke secured condition. 1rotation of bracket can adjust 2mm of total length.

Forged Aluminum Base  AL 7075

Special treated AL material results Strength and Weight reduction.

* Components and colors shown can be different depending on the vehicle model.